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Sample Captures

Network Time Protocol

File: attachment:NTP_sync.pcap BR Contributor: Gerald CombsBR Description: After reading about the round robin DNS records set up by the folks at [], I decided to use their service to sync my laptop's clock. The attached file contains the result of running

at the command prompt. Something to note is that each DNS record contains multiple addresses. The Windows time client appears to query all of them.


Would it make more sense to move the capture file(s) to the specific protocol page(s)? - Ulf Lamping

Is sample the right name, instead of example? I always think about a sampling rate. - Ulf Lamping

I was hoping that this page would eventually replace the capture page on the [ main site]. Some of the captures there are of a general nature, and may not fit in with a specific protocol. The NTP attachment above should be on the NetworkTimeProtocol page, but it hasn't been created yet.

According to HelpOnActions/AttachFile you can link to the same attachment from multiple pages. We could attach captures here or on the protocol pages, and crosslink them.

In this context, "sample" and "example" are interchangeable. I'm not sure which is more formally correct. - Gerald Combs