TeamSpeak2 (TS2)

The proprietary TeamSpeak2 protocol is used by the gamer oriented TeamSpeak2 VoIP software.


Developed for TeamSpeak2.

Protocol dependencies

Example traffic

Frame 5 (118 bytes on wire, 118 bytes captured)
Teamspeak2 Protocol
    Class: Standard (reliable) (0xbef0)
    Type: Channel List (0x0006)
    Session Key: 0x004cf85b
    Client id: 1
    Sequence Number: 1
    Resend Count: 0
    Fragment Number: 0
    crc32: 0x56518d9a [correct]
    Number Of Channels: 1
    Channel Id: 1
    Channel Flags: True
    Unknown: 00
    Codec: Speex 12.3 (0x0009)
    End Marker
    Unknown: 00001000
    Channel Name: Default
    Channel Topic: Default
    Channel Description: Default Channel


The TS2 dissector is (fully ?) functional and is currently (Dec 5,2008) available in the Wireshark 1.1.1 Development release.

Example capture file

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