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evolved Common Public Radio Interface (eCPRI)

evolved Common Public Radio Interface (eCPRI) is a protocol, which will be used in fronthaul transport network. It will be included in standard Ethernet frames and UDP frames. There are 8 Message Types to decode with eCPRI Specification V1.2.

Packet format

eCPRI Common Header

eCPRI Payload

eCPRI Protocol Revision



eCPRI Message Type

eCPRI Payload Size

4 Bit

3 Bit

1 Bit

8 Bit = 1 Byte

16 Bit = 2 Bytes

0 - 65535 Bytes

eCPRI Header fields

eCPRI Protocol Revision field

Available revison values:


shall follow specification V1.0


reserved for future; temporarily vendor specific

Reserved field

Reserved field should be filled with 000b.

C field

The C field indicates a concatenation.

eCPRI Message Type field

There are 255 Message Types. 0 - 7 is specified in the Specification, 8 - 63 is reserved and 64 - 255 vendor specific.

Message Type



IQ Data


Bit Sequence


Real-Time Control Data


Generic Data Transfer


Remote Memory Access


One-way Delay Measurement


Remote Reset


Event Indication

0x08 - 0x3F


0x40 - 0xFF

Vendor Specific

eCPRI Payload Size field

It's the size of following payload. The eCPRI Payload doesn't include any padding bytes. The maximum payload size is 65535, but is limited by the transport network, e.g. Ethernet.

eCPRI Payload field

The eCPRI Payload field depends on the message type used. See more in Specification.


It starts with CPRI and with upcoming 5G a new protocol was needed.

You find the latest versions here

Protocol dependencies

Example traffic

The example shows an eCPRI tree with Message Type 5 in wireshark.

evolved Common Public Radio Interface
    eCPRI Common Header: 0x1005002a
        0001 .... = Protocol Revision: 1
        .... 000. = Reserved: 0
        .... ...0 = C-Bit: 0
        Message Type: One-Way Delay Measurement (0x05)
        Payload Size: 42
    eCPRI Payload: 11:00:00:00:45:b1:11:49:1c:41:78:f4:00:00:00:00:…
        Measurement ID: 0x11
        Action Type: Request (0x00)
        Time Stamp: 00:00:45:b1:11:49:1c:41:78:f4
            Seconds: 1169232201s
            Nanoseconds: 474052852ns
        Compensation Value: 12025856 = 183.500000ns
        User Data: dd:dd:dd:dd:dd:dd:dd:dd:dd:dd:dd:dd:dd:dd:dd:dd:…


The eCPRI dissector is in Development Release 3.1.0 and fully functional with the latest packet format.

Preference Settings

(XXX add links to preference settings affecting how PROTO is dissected).

Example capture file

Display Filter

A complete list of eCPRI display filter fields can be found in the display filter reference

Capture Filter


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