Datagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP)

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The Datagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP) is a transport protocol that provides bidirectional unicast connections of congestion-controlled unreliable datagrams. DCCP is suitable for applications that transfer fairly large amounts of data, but can benefit from control over the tradeoff between timeliness and reliability.

DCCP is intended for applications such as streaming media that can benefit from control over the tradeoffs between delay and reliable in-order delivery. TCP is not well-suited for these applications, since reliable in-order delivery and congestion control can cause arbitrarily long delays. UDP avoids long delays, but UDP applications that implement congestion control must do so on their own. DCCP provides built-in congestion control, including ECN support, for unreliable datagram flows, avoiding the arbitrary delays associated with TCP. It also implements reliable connection setup, teardown, and feature negotiation.


DCCP was developed as a standalone, unreliable congestion-control protocol since about 2001. It has been fully standardised as standards-track RFC in 2006.

Protocol dependencies

The assigned protocol/next-hop number for DCCP on IP/IPv6 is 33.

Example traffic

0.000000 -> DCCP 52667 > 5001 [Request] Seq=33164071488 (service=0)
0.000478 -> DCCP 5001 > 52667 [Response] Seq=1925546833 (Ack=33164071488) (service=0)
0.000599 -> DCCP 52667 > 5001 [Ack] Seq=33164071489 (Ack=1925546833)
0.001269 -> DCCP 52667 > 5001 [DataAck] Seq=33164071490 (Ack=1925546833)
0.001707 -> DCCP 5001 > 52667 [Ack] Seq=1925546834 (Ack=33164071490)
0.003431 -> DCCP 52667 > 5001 [Close] Seq=33164071491 (Ack=1925546834)
0.003959 -> DCCP 5001 > 52667 [Reset] Seq=1925546835 (Ack=33164071491) (code=Closed)


The DCCP dissector is functional.

Preference Settings

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Example capture file

Display Filter

A complete list of DCCP display filter fields can be found in the display filter reference

Show only the DCCP based traffic:


Capture Filter

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DCCP is an evolving protocol which uses modules called CCIDs (congestion control IDs) to adapt to various congestion scenarios. There is ongoing research in these CCIDs and so continuing evolution of the protocol and its use is likely.

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