Simulcrypt (SimulCrypt)

A DVB protocol published by ETSI used in IPTV / broadcast TV head-ends to enable use of multiple key management systems.

The standardised SCS (Simulcrypt Synchroniser) to ECMG (Entitlement Control Message Generator) interface is used to allow multiple key management systems to operate in parallel, each generating its own (typically proprietary) ECMs (Entitlement Control Messages).

The EMMG (Entitlement Management Message Generator) to MUX interface allows the CAS (Conditional Access System), which provides the ECMs, to provide an EMM (Entitlement Management Message) to be associated to the streamed service.

The interface between EIS (Event Information Scheduler) and SCS is used by the EIS to provide Scrambling Control Group (SCG) definitions and Access Criteria (AC) transitions, to allow the management of different services sharing the same key.

The PSIG (Program Specific Information Generator) to MUX interface is used by the PSIG to provide MUXes of the head-end with the appropriate PSI/SI (Program Specific Information/Service Information) tables for their respective transport stream.


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Protocol dependencies

Example traffic

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The SIMULCRYPT dissector is fully functional for the following interfaces: ECMG - SCS, EMMG - MUX, EIS - SCS, PSIG - MUX (supported also MUX - CiM and (P) - CiP interfaces). It decodes the Simulcrypt syntax to analyse different Simulcrypt messages and associated TLV parameters.

Preference Settings

There are some SIMULCRYPT_Preferences.

Example capture file

Display Filter

A complete list of PROTO display filter fields can be found in the display filter reference

Show only the SIMULCRYPT based traffic:


Capture Filter

You can directly filter SIMULCRYPT protocols while capturing if you know the TCP port used (see above).

Capture only the SIMULCRYPT traffic over the chosen port (<port>):

 tcp port <port> 

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