Wireshark Wiki

This is the wiki site for the Wireshark network protocol analyzer. If you would like permission to edit this wiki, please see the editing instructions page (tl;dr: send us a note with your GitLab account name or request access to the Wiki Editor group using the Gitlab feature).


Prepare Wireshark / TShark

Use Wireshark / TShark

Things not (yet) part of the Wireshark User's Guide.

  • CaptureFilters: A collection of capture filter examples

  • DisplayFilters: A collection of display filter examples

  • ColoringRules: A collection of coloring rules examples

  • HowTo: How to do various things with Wireshark and Tshark

  • Preferences: Preference settings controlling the behaviour of Wireshark and TShark

  • Statistics: Statistics range from general capture file information to protocol specific statistics

  • Security: how to use Wireshark as securely as possible

  • Performance: how to "fine tune" Wireshark's performance

  • Timestamps: Accuracy, precision, and resolution

  • Tools: tools and scripts that relate to the use of Wireshark and TShark