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This page contains a set of sample coloring rules that people have shared with the Wireshark community. You can learn more about coloring rules and packet colorization in the User's Guide.

As both coloring rules and display filters share the same syntax, you might have a look at the DisplayFilters page.

The coloring rules were previously called color filters and a file named colorfilters is still used to store them, as a result you will often see both terms used the same way.

Loading and Saving Rule Sets

To use one of the coloring rules files listed here, download it to your local machine, select View→Coloring Rules in Wireshark, and click the Import… button.

If you'd like to add an entry to this page you can export a rule set by clicking on the Export… button in the Coloring Rules dialog. (It helps if you save the file with a ".txt" extension.) To upload the exported file, click on the AttachFile link on the left. If you wish to include a screen shot, please create a separate page for your filter and put the screen shot and filter on that page. A WikiSandBox is available if you want to practice attaching files.

Sample Coloring Rules

Page: TCP_Retransmissions_ColorFilter
Contributor: Ronnie Sahlberg

File: Sample_color_filter.txt
Description: Sample color filter file.
Contributor: Gerald Combs

Page: General_use_ColorFilter
File: Another_Color_Filter
Description: More Protocols color filtered for general use.
Contributor: John Prudente

Page: Jay's_Coloring_Rules
Updated: 7/17/06
Description: General use coloring rules. Easy on the eyes colors.
Contributor: JayMoran

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