Third Party Services

On this page companies or people can offer services that are related to the usage and development of Wireshark.

This is in no way meant as a recommendation of the Wireshark community.



Hardware and Analysis Services

  • Riverbed Technology: Riverbed offers the AirPcap wireless capture adapter/driver and other products that enhance Wireshark. (The original author of Wireshark, Gerald Combs, works there.)

  • YR20: YR20 offers for short or long term lease, high performance network capture hardware which is completely compatible with Wireshark. Our hardware will allow full line rate capture with no packet loss and high precision time stamping. We also offer engineering services to assist you with the most difficult networking and applications issues plus we can perform custom analysis on your data sets. This can be particularly valuable for very large capture files or very complex problems. Please contact us through our website for more information.

  • Inside Products: Inside Products offers single trace or enterprise license for expert system which can analyze Wireshark traces. We turn traces into English. For a description of the tools and some screen shots, please see article. Please contact us through our website to take a deeper look at our technology more info.

  • PacketShark™: PacketShark™ is a handheld hardware that can tap packet networks, capture 100% of Ethernet packets at wire speed. It is a very useful tool for on field capturing of packets with selective filters, in addition to providing mobility and storage capacity to reach any point on the network. For a description of the hardware and screen shots, please see article. Please contact us to know more more info.

  • Wireless Network Lab: GL offers Wireless Network Lab that can emulate all the core network elements and traffic types within the 2G/3G/4G Wireless infrastructure. With the integration of third party tools for access network, the entire wireless network can be operated as a real-time network. For details, please see article. Please contact us to know more more info.

Native Windows

  • Packetyzer is a native Windows user interface for Wireshark. Since it is based on Wireshark, Packetyzer is also available for free under the GNU Public License. Packetyzer can capture from local Ethernet interfaces, like Wireshark, and it can also be used with Network Chemistry RFprotect Sensors for 802.11 packet capture.

Intrusion Analysis / SQL Database Support

  • C5 SIGMA from Command Five Pty Ltd automates TShark (Wireshark) to load large quantities of packet capture data into a SQL database using an automatically generated schema. C5 SIGMA flattens the Wireshark protocol tree into a relational table structure useful for intrusion analysis and data correlation with other systems. It also enables SQL queries against otherwise unnamed text fields visible in the Wireshark protocol tree by intelligently generating human readable names. C5 SIGMA is free software, released under GPL. Command Five Pty Ltd also provides intrusion analysis training and consulting services.

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