Network Troubleshooting

This page contains a list of pages giving information about how to troubleshoot network problems.

For example, it could refer to pages saying "if you see a lot of ARP traffic, you might have machines infected with virus XXX on your network", or "if you are getting slow response for HTTP requests, you should look for this on the network".


New to network troubleshooting? Read the /Overview.

"Mysterious" traffic

Virus behavior

  • Several viruses send a lot of ARP traffic in an attempt to discover hosts to infect; see the ArpFlooding page.

Other sources of network flooding

  • Broken/misconfigured software can also cause network or firewall to bleed; see "NetworkFlooding" page

External links

In Cisco's Internetwork Troubleshooting Handbook, the Overview section provides a good general problem-solving model. The Principles of Troubleshooting at InetDaemon.Com shows how to apply the scientific method to network troubleshooting.

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