ISO Protocol Family

The ISO family of protocols isn't widely used, as the InternetProtocolFamily is much more common today.

Specifications of all of these protocols can be found in the ISO documents, which are (with some exceptions) not available free of charge. They can be found in the catalog of ISO standards.

A simplified overview of the core ISO protocols could look like this:

| 7 | Application layer (FTAM, ...) | | 6 | Presentation Protocol | | 5 | Session Protocol | | 4 | COTP (connections) or CLTP (connectionless) | | 3 | Internet (CLNP, ES-IS) | | 2 | Link layer (LLC, ...) |


The ISO family consists of (at least) the following protocols:

Link layer:

Network layer:

Network layer (routing):

Transport Layer:

Transport layer (emulated by TCP/UDP):

Session layer:

Presentation layer:

Application layer:

Core Services:

Messaging Services:

Directory Services:




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