Aeronautical Telecommunication Networks

The ATN protocol family (along with VDL-Mode2) was designed as a successor for the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS). It implements a reliable air ground datalink based on OSI protocols (which were considered "state of the art" when the standardisation began) and VDL-Mode2.

The system is currently deployed along with VDL-Mode2 in Europe in the scope of the LINK2000 plus program.

At present only CMv1 and CPDLCv1 (PO and PM) applications are suported by Wireshark; the dissector is based on ICAO doc 9705 Ed2 including ammendements for Protected Mode CPDLC.

A simplified overview of the core ATN protocols looks like this:

Layer Description
7 Application layer (ULCS/ACSE,CM,CPDLC, ...)
6 ULCS/Presentation,ULCS/PDV
5 ULCS/Session
4 COTP (TP4 connections)
3 Internet (CLNP, ES-IS,IS-IS,IDRP)
2 Link layer (LLC,IP,X.25, ...)


ATN reuses CLNP and COTP dissectors and stacks the "atn-ulcs" dissector on top of COTP. Technically "atn-ulcs" implements the "ATN upper layers" containing the SES, PRES and ACSE protocols (ASN.1 Packed Encoding Rules).

The "atn-ulcs" dissector then calls application-level dissecctors like CM("atn-cm") and CPDLC("atn-cpdlc").

Enable ATN support in wireshark

The dissector should be compiled in by default (developper version) and can be enabled by tuning the Wireshark protocol Preferences/Settings.

The following settings are required to decode ATN traffic: CLNP dissector:

COTP dissector:

T.125 dissector

No settings tabs are available for "atn-ulcs", "atn-cm" and "atn-cpdlc" dissectors.


plenty ;-). IMHO the dissector is far from beeing usable in production systems (it is better than nothing though, as network monitors for OSI are expensive/inappropriate when compared to tools in the TCP/IP world).

Layers up to OSI Layer 6 (ATN-ULCS/ACSE) are working in most cases; decoding of CM and CPDLC is flawed.

The main problem is that there is no working "conversation" function for the TP4 layer which is needed do differentiate between PER encoded CM and CPDLC PDU's; this function would allow to decode all PDU's of a transport connection an CM or CPDLC, for some PDU's share the same bit encoding.

Known bugs:

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