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 * [:Lua/Column: Column] access to ethereal packet summary fields
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 * [:Lua/FieldExtractor: FieldExtractor]  * [:Lua/Field: Field]

Using Lua in ethereal

Info about Lua

Lua's interface to Ethereal


  • [:Lua/Pinfo: Pinfo] current packet information
  • [:Lua/Dissector: Dissector] utility class to handle dissectors
  • [:Lua/DissectorTable: DissectorTable] utility class to handle dissectors

  • [:Lua/ProtoField: ProtoField]

  • [:Lua/ProtoFieldArray: ProtoFieldArray]

  • [:Lua/Tap: Tap]
  • [:Lua/ValueString: ValueString]

  • [:Lua/SubTreeType: SubTreeType]

  • [:Lua/SubTreeType: SubTreeTypeArray]

  • [:Lua/ProtoTree: ProtoTree]

  • [:Lua/ProtoTree: ProtoItem]

  • [:Lua/Tvb: Tvb] access to the packet's actual bytes
  • [:Lua/ByteArray: ByteArray] utility class to manage an array of bytes

  • [:Lua/Field: Field]


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