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LAN/MAN Protocol Family

The IEEE have produced and are producing a set of standards for link-layer and supporting protocols for Local Area Networks (LANs) and Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs); these protocols are referred to as the IEEE 802.x protocols, ad they have protocol numbers that begin with "802." followed by a number and possibly one or more letters after the number. Many of those standards are available from the Get IEEE 802 site.

In addition, the FiberDistributedDataInterface or FDDI has also been used for LANs, although the FDDI standard came from ANSI, not the IEEE.


The LAN/MAN family consists of (at least) the following protocols and sets of protocols (some link layers might have some additional protocols):

Link layer:

It also includes:


XXX - add a brief description of Ethernet, 802.x, and FDDI protocol history?


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