Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI)

ANSI standardized this link layer technology based on fiber optics (as the name implies).

This technology is obsoleted by Ethernet, but still (rarely) used today.

It is specified by various INCITS specifications - look for "Fibre Distributed Data Interface" in that list.

See Wireshark: Supported Capture Media page for Wireshark capturing support on various platforms.

See the Wikipedia article on FDDI for further technology details.

FDDI sends network packets from the sending host to one (Unicast) or more (Multicast/Broadcast) receiving hosts.


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Protocol dependencies

Example traffic

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The FDDI dissector is party functional; it can dissect the FDDI header, and data packets, but does not, for example, dissect SMT packets.

Preference Settings

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Example capture file

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Display Filter

A complete list of FDDI display filter fields can be found in the display filter reference for FDDI.

Show only the FDDI-based traffic:


Show only the FDDI-based traffic to and from FDDI MAC address 08:00:08:15:ca:fe: 

Capture Filter

Capture only the FDDI-based traffic to and from FDDI MAC address 08:00:08:15:ca:fe:

 fddi host 08:00:08:15:ca:fe 

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