iSNS Preferences

These are the preferences that control how Wireshark dissects the iSNS protocol.


Desegment iSNS over TCP messages

When you activate this preference, Wireshark will attempt to reassembly all iSNS PDUs that span multiple TCP segments into one fully reassembled PDU.
This is useful for example if a specific implementation only sends the iSNS header and the actual iSNS command in two separate packets or with servers that respond with massively large replies.
In order to make this preference take effect, you must also enable reassembly in TCP_Reassembly.

-- someone should donate a capture with isns segments spanning multiple segments and link to it as an example from here.

Preference Strings

Desegment iSNS over TCP messages


We should sometime later add support to defragment iSNS PDUs that are fragmented at the iSNS layer as well.

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