Gerrit Ninja Tricks

Thanks to Jorg Mayer, I've learned this trick, for shell lovers!

Not only is gerrit the hosting platform for changes, but it's also the executable itself. To run it you should be logged in the gerrit machine (and you obviously can't), but if you have configured ssh access you can create an alias like this:

alias gerrit='ssh <yourusername>@code.wireshark.org -p 29418 gerrit'

By running gerrit you launch the gerrit executable on the wireshark's gerrit machine.

Available commands of gerrit are:

   apropos              Search in Gerrit documentation
   ban-commit           Ban a commit from a project's repository
   close-connection     Close the specified SSH connection
   create-account       Create a new batch/role account
   create-branch        Create a new branch
   create-group         Create a new account group
   create-project       Create a new project and associated Git repository
   flush-caches         Flush some/all server caches from memory
   gc                   Run Git garbage collection
   gsql                 Administrative interface to active database
   ls-groups            List groups visible to the caller
   ls-members           List the members of a given group
   ls-projects          List projects visible to the caller
   ls-user-refs         List refs visible to a specific user
   query                Query the change database
   receive-pack         Standard Git server side command for client side git push
   rename-group         Rename an account group
   review               Apply reviews to one or more patch sets
   set-account          Change an account's settings
   set-head             Change HEAD reference for a project
   set-members          Modify members of specific group or number of groups
   set-project          Change a project's settings
   set-project-parent   Change the project permissions are inherited from
   set-reviewers        Add or remove reviewers on a change
   show-caches          Display current cache statistics
   show-connections     Display active client SSH connections
   show-queue           Display the background work queues
   stream-events        Monitor events occurring in real time
   version              Display gerrit version

See 'gerrit COMMAND --help' for more information.

The command gerrit review sounds interesting. Basically it does what we're used to do in the Web UI.


gerrit review CHANGE,PATCHSET --code-review +1

gives our vote to the change, and

gerrit review CHANGE,PATCHSET --label Petri-Dish=+1

triggers the PD buildbot. BE CAREFUL: the PATCHSET is always required.

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