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[[http://www.midbittech.com | midBit Technologies, LLC - SharkTap]]

Tap Reference

Unlike switches and hubs, network taps operate independently of your network hardware. Many models have a number of advantages including performance, filtering, timestamping, manageability, and visibility but they also add expense and typically require rack space and power. For complete discussions of port mirroring vs taps, see the blog articles by Tim O'Neil and Richard Bejtlich.

See also: SwitchReference, HubReference, CaptureSetup.

Tap Hardware Documentation

APCON (no documentation online?)

Arista Networks

cPacket Networks (no documentation online?)

Datacom Systems

Dualcomm (no documentation online?)

Garland Technology

Gigamon (no documentation online?)

Great Scott Gadgets / Michael Ossmann

Ixia (formerly Anue Systems)

midBit Technologies, LLC - SharkTap

Net Optics

Network Instruments

Network Critical

VSS Monitoring (no documentation online?)

Profi-TAP series

Cubro Packetmaster

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