Arista Networks is a leading provider of Data Center switches.

Arista switches have advanced features for monitoring traffic in high-density and ultra-high performance data centers running at 10Gbps to 100Gbps of link-speed and terabits of aggregate capacity. Simplify Tap Aggregation with Arista DANZ (Data ANalyZer) describes Wireshark compatible packet capture and aggregation features in Arista switches for port mirroring and TAP aggregation.

The TAP Aggregation with DANZ Product Brief describes features including packet capture & port mirroring, traffic conditioning, and timestamping and outlines how advanced packet capture and Arista EOS features are implemented in the Arista switching product line.

Tech Tips are available describing use of advanced mirroring and timestamping with Wireshark:

  • Introduction to Port Mirroring describes fundamentals of how port mirroring (an advanced form of SPAN-type functionality) provides programmable access to data, and gives examples of how to set port mirroring up.

  • Timestamping on the 7150 Series provides a technical description of precision timestamping capabilities of Arista switches and how this can be used to gain insights into critical issues occurring in high-speed networks.

  • Decoding UTC from the timestamps on 7150 Series provides sample code and configurations to correlate Arista nanosecond precision timestamps with UTC time in Wireshark.

  • Displaying Hardware Timestamps in Wireshark provides instructions on configuring and operating Wireshark to capture and decode Arista per-packet timestamps originating from Arista equipment (revised).

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