3Com Switch Reference

3Com calls their port analyzer/monitor feature RAP (Roving Analysis Port).

For information on particular switches, see the documentation for the switch. There are links to that documentation from the 3Com Support & Downloads page. The relevant documents are usually command references, administration console guides, administration guides, and the like.

SuperStack II Switch 3300 (10/100MBit manageable switch)

I've tried this with a model 3C16980 with Hardware Version 2 and Software Version 2.72.

The Analysis Port is where Wireshark must be connected to, the Monitor Port is where the traffic is captured from.

Don't forget to:

  • enable the roving when using the web interface
  • capture in Wireshark promiscuous mode
  • stop roving when you're done


  • You can only monitor the traffic to/from a single port
  • Roving will be stopped and the roving settings will be gone after a switch reset

See CaptureSetup/Ethernet for general information about capturing using monitor mode (or roving analysis as 3Com calls it).


XXX - is it a common limitation to be able only to mirror a single port or is this a limitation of the 3300 switch model? XXX - this is the only switch I've ever seen with this limitation, I think it's just a 3300 series quirk

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