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Sake Blok

My interest in Networking was first raised when I started working for one of the first ISP's in The Netherlands (back in 1995). My L2/L3 knowlegde was gathered while working for a large bank. I then switched teams within that bank to manage their redundant internet gateway based on a loadbalanced firewall cluster, loadbalancers, ssl-offloaders, caches and proxies.

In that time (2000) I started using Ethereal to troubleshoot problems within that environment. After my switch to a reseller, my skills developped towards bug-chasing and Ethereal/Wireshark has been an invaluable tool for me. I use it on a daily basis.

In february 2006 I wished to be able to filter on the "X-Forwarded-For:" http-header and joined the mailing-lists. First I wanted to ask for that functionality, but then I realised that I might be able to add it myself. Well, one thing led to another and after submitting a few of my own patches, I started working on bug-reports too. Resulting in being invited to the core development team in august 2007.

I live in The Netherlands near Amsterdam and work as "Research and Development Engineer" at [ ion-ip] in Veenendaal. In my job I am involved in troubleshooting complex networking problems in Application delivery infra-structures. This involves quite a bit of bug-chasing :-). I am also involved in putting new and existing products from our vendors on a testbed in our testlab (which I maintain as well).

Main development areas

As I am more a networking person than a programmer, I mainly contribute by solving issues I encounter while working with Wireshark. I also submitted a few enhancements and solved some bugs reported by others. My development skills are growing, but for now I consider myself skilled at looking at what other people have built and reusing and combining things to solve the issues I want to solve.

Contributions so far





[ 17356]

Add filter http.x_forwarded_for


[ 17869]

Added support for certain Sniffer Format file


[ 19729]

Some textual changes in the development guide


[ 19734]

Add support for Cisco proprietary MST format


[ 20212]

Added ssl-id to the packet-detail-list


[ 21005]

Added "Copy as Filter"


[ 21140]

Added accelerated key for "Copy as Filter" and correct the documentation


[ 21154]

Fix for [ bug 491]: "unexpected frame.time_delta behaviour"


[ 21277]

Fix for [ bug 598]: "Double linefeed when copying from 'follow tcp stream'"


[ 21295]

Fix for [ bug 1136]: "tcp checksum 0xffff"


[ 21372]

Fix in dfvm.c (found while fixing SSL things in [ bug 1503])


[ 21373]

Fix for [ bug 1503]: "SSL enhancements"


[ 21438]

Fix for malformed SSL-handshake message after change cipher spec


[ 21618]

Enhancements to packet-http.c for proxied ssl connections


[ 21867]

Fix for [ bug 1056]: "Timestamping seems to be broken"


[ 22533]

Added support for NetScreen snoop output

List of things I want to fix/enhance/add in the (near) future

  • Build an "anonymizer" framework within Wireshark (once my development skills permit ;-))
  • Add a "session-duration" column in the conversation lists
  • Add a tcp.time_relative field that shows the delta time since the start (SYN) of the current tcp-session
  • Add a tcp.time_delta field that shows the delta time since the last seen packet of the current tcp-session
  • Don't treat new SYN with same ports as "previous segment lost"
  • Add the option "-o <file-with-preferences>" to tshark

  • Add a filter like "conversation(<proto>,<filter>)" that will show all packets belonging to the <proto> conversation for which at least one packet matches <filter>

  • Some fixes to the SSL dissector

Other interests

  • Scuba diving
  • Photography (also while Diving)
  • Arthouse movies

Email: sake (at) euronet (dot) nl

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