Juniper NetScreen snoop output

The Juniper NetScreen firewalls have a build-in snoop command. Unfortunately the only output format of the snoop command is a text-dump to the debug-buffer. On the bright side: it is possible to add the hex-data of all packets so that the packets can be re-constructed with Wireshark or Tshark.

Programs supporting this file type

How to create this file type

To create the output files, use the following commands (issued on the console port):

set console dbuf
snoop detail
snoop detail len <snaplen 1-1514>
snoop filter ... (see the CLI-help for filter options)
clear dbuf

Stop the capture with <ESC> and then display the output with the command "get dbuf stream". Select the text and save it to a file. It is also possible to save the output directly to a tftp-server with the command "get dbuf stream > tftp <host> <filename>"


The timestamp resolution of the output is in tenth of seconds.


The NetScreen-snoop handling is partially functional. It has been tested with files generated with ScreenOS 5.3 on a NS-5GT-WIRELESS-ADSL. Wireshark currently can dissect the ethernet, wifi and adsl packets.

Example capture file


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