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This is a 32 bit mask that describes what events we want SMB2/Notify to report.


List of the access bits that wireshark currently knows about:

0x00000800  NOTIFY_STREAM_WRITE  Notify is someone wrote to an alternate stream
0x00000400  NOTIFY_STREAM_SIZE   Notify is an alternate stream changed in size  i.e. was modified
0x00000200  NOTIFY_STREAM_NAME   Notify is an alternate stream was created/deleted/renamed
0x00000100  NOTIFY_SECURITY      Notify if the security descriptor was modified on an object
0x00000080  NOTIFY_EA            Notify if the Extended Attributes were changed for an object
0x00000040  NOTIFY_CREATION      Notify if the createion time field was changed for an object
0x00000020  NOTIFY_LAST_ACCESS   Notify if the last access field was changed
0x00000010  NOTIFY_LAST_WRITE    Notify if the last write field was changed for an object, i.e. was written to
0x00000008  NOTIFY_SIZE          Notify if an object changes size
0x00000004  NOTIFY_ATTRIBUTES    Notify if any attributes are changed
0x00000002  NOTIFY_DIR_NAME      Notify if directories are created/deleted/renamed
0x00000001  NOTIFY_FILE_NAME     Notify if files are created/deleted/renamed


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