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Meta Analysis and Tracing Engine (MATE)

MATE is not a protocol, is a tool that allows to create user configurable extension(s) of the display filter engine.

MATE is described in the [:Mate: MATE's wiki page].


As of 0.10.9 MATE is functional, although it is still in a prototype stage, non the less it can be used. There are known problems in MATE's reinitialization (most will be fixed before the next release), that means that most often you'll need to restart wireshark instead of loading a new capture file.

Preference Settings

the only preference setting that MATE has is mate.config_filename which tells mate from wich file it has to load as it's configuration.

Display Filter

For a detailed description on what Pdu, Gop (Group of Pdus) and Gog (Group of Groups) are please take a look to [:Mate/Manual: Mate's Manual]

Capture Filter

You cannot directly filter MATE while capturing. MATE builds its tree based on information imported from other protocols.