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ADwin configuration protocol (adwin_config)

The ADwin configuration protocol is used to discover, configure and update ADwin devices with Ethernet connections.

Since the ADwin devices are completely headless, all configuration options must be set remotely. To determine the IP address of a system, a UDP-broadcast based scan can be used.


The first ADwin real-time devices were ISA-cards that were directly built into a standard PC. Around the year 2000, the first systems with Ethernet connections were built (based on NetARM Hardware), and around 2004 new Ethernet hardware was introduced (based on Intel IXP Hardware).

Protocol dependencies

Example traffic



The adwin_config dissector is mostly functional, with the following exception: UDP packets for ADwin configuration are only handled by the dissector if at least one MAC address is a broadcast or in one of the following ranges:

00:50:c2:0a:20:00-00:50:c2:0a:2f:ff and 00:22:71:00:00:00-00:22:71:ff:ff:ff

Preference Settings

The dissector for the ADwin configuration protocol currently has no preferences.

Example capture file

The example capture contains a scan conversation between a PC and one ADwin system. The PC broadcasts the scan packet, and all ADwin systems in the network (only one in this example) reply with the current configuration settings.

Display Filter

A complete list of ADwin configuration display filter fields can be found in the display filter reference

Capture Filter

You cannot directly filter ADwin configuration protocols while capturing, because a few special packets do not use port 7000.

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