Ports 0 through 99

Port Protocol Name Description
0 None None Port 0 is marked "reserved" by IANA. On most (all?) operating systems, trying to bind to port 0 will actually bind to a random ephemeral port. Port 0 should not be seen in normal traffic.
1 TCP tcpmux TCP Port Service Multiplexer (RFC 1078).
2 TCP, UDP compressnet Management Utility
3 TCP, UDP compressnet Compression Process
4 Unassigned
5 TCP, UDP rje Remote Job Entry
6 Unassigned Unassigned
7 TCP, UDP echo EchoProtocol (RFC 862)
8 Unassigned Unassigned
9 TCP, UDP discard, sink, null DiscardProtocol (RFC 863)
10 Unassigned Unassigned
11 TCP, UDP systat, users ActiveUsersProtocol (RFC 866)
12 Unassigned Unassigned
13 TCP, UDP daytime DaytimeProtocol (RFC 867) (This is not the same thing as NetworkTimeProtocol)
14 Unassigned Unassigned
15 Unassigned Was netstat
16 Unassigned Unassigned
17 TCP, UDP qotd, quote QuoteOfTheDayProtocol (RFC 865)
18 TCP, UDP msp MessageSendProtocol (RFC 1159, RFC 1312)
19 TCP, UDP chargen, ttytst, source CharacterGeneratorProtocol (RFC 864)
20 TCP ftp-data Default FTP data port
21 TCP ftp FileTransferProtocol (RFC 959)
22 TCP ssh SecureShell (draft)
23 TCP telnet Telnet (RFC 854)
24 TCP, UDP Reserved Any private mail system
25 TCP smtp SimpleMailTransferProtocol (RFC 2821)
26 Unassigned Unassigned
27 TCP, UDP nsw-fe NSW User System FE
28 Unassigned Unassigned
29 TCP, UDP msg-icp MSG ICP
30 Unassigned Unassigned
31 TCP, UDP msg-auth MSG Authentication
32 Unassigned Unassigned
33 TCP, UDP dsp Display Support Protocol
34 Unassigned Unassigned
35 TCP, UDP Reserved Any private printer server
36 Unassigned Unassigned
37 TCP, UDP time, timeserver TimeProtocol (RFC 868) (This is not the same thing as NetworkTimeProtocol)
38 TCP, UDP rap RouteAccessProtocol (RFC 1476)
39 UDP rlp ResourceLocationProtocol (RFC 887)
40 Unassigned Unassigned
41 TCP, UDP grapics Graphics
42 UDP nameserver Internet Name Server (IEN 116)
43 TCP whois, nicname WhoisProtocol (RFC 954)
44 TCP, UDP mpm-flags MPM FLAGS Protocol
45 TCP, UDP mpm Message Processing Module [recv]
46 TCP, UDP mpm-snd MPM [default send]
47 TCP, UDP ni-ftp NI FTP
48 TCP, UDP auditd Digital Audit Daemon
49 TCP, UDP tacacs TacacsProtocol (RFC 1492)
50 TCP, UDP re-mail-ck Remote Mail Checking Protocol (RFC 1339)
51 TCP, UDP la-maint IMP Logical Address Maintenance
52 TCP, UDP xns-time XNS Time Protocol
53 TCP, UDP domain, nameserver DomainNameSystem (many RFCs)
54 TCP, UDP xns-ch XNS Clearinghouse
55 TCP, UDP isi-gl ISI Graphics Language
56 TCP, UDP xns-auth XNS Authentication
57 TCP, UDP Reserved Any private terminal access
58 TCP, UDP xns-mail XNS Mail
59 TCP, UDP Reserved Any private file service
60 Unassigned Unassigned
61 TCP, UDP ni-mail NI MAIL
62 TCP, UDP acas ACA Services http://h18000.www1.hp.com/info/SP4708/SP4708PF.PDF
63 TCP, UDP whois++ WHOIS++ (RFC 1835)
64 TCP, UDP covia Communications Integrator
65 TCP, UDP tacacs-ds TACACS Database Service
66 TCP, UDP sql*net Oracle SQL*Net
67 TCP, UDP bootps BootstrapProtocol Server (often used by DHCP)
68 TCP, UDP bootpc BootstrapProtocol Client (often used by DHCP)
69 TCP, UDP tftp TrivialFileTransferProtocol (RFC 1350)
70 TCP, UDP gopher GopherProtocol (RFC 1436)
71 TCP, UDP netrjs-1 Remote Job Service
72 TCP, UDP netrjs-2 Remote Job Service
73 TCP, UDP netrjs-3 Remote Job Service
74 TCP, UDP netrjs-4 Remote Job Service
75 TCP, UDP Reserved Any private dial out service
76 TCP, UDP deos Distributed External Object Store
77 TCP, UDP Reserved Any private RJE service
78 TCP, UDP vettcp vettcp
79 TCP, UDP finger FingerProtocol (RFC 1288)
80 TCP, UDP www, http Hyper_Text_Transfer_Protocol
81 TCP, UDP hosts2-ns HOSTS2 Name Server (More commonly used as an alternate HTTP port)
82 TCP, UDP xfer XFER Utility
83 TCP, UDP mit-ml-dev MIT ML Device
84 TCP, UDP ctf Common Trace Facility
85 TCP, UDP mit-ml-dev MIT ML Device
86 TCP, UDP mfcobol Micro Focus Cobol
87 TCP, UDP Reserved Any private terminal link
88 TCP, UDP kerberos, kerberos5, krb5 KerberosProtocol (RFC 1510 plus many drafts)
89 TCP, UDP su-mit-tg SU/MIT Telnet Gateway
90 TCP, UDP dnsix DNSIX Security Attribute Token Map (More commonly used by PointCast)
91 TCP, UDP mit-dov MIT Dover Spooler
92 TCP, UDP npp Network Printing Protocol (RFC 1486?)
93 TCP, UDP dcp Device Control Protocol
94 TCP, UDP objcall Tivoli Object Dispatcher
95 TCP, UDP supdup SUPDUP
96 TCP, UDP dixie DIXIE Protocol Specification
97 TCP, UDP swift-rvf Swift Remote Virtural File Protocol
98 TCP, UDP tacnews TAC News
99 TCP, UDP metagram Metagram Relay

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