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JXTA is a P2P protocol which forms an overlay network.


The JXTA project was started by Bill Joy of Sun Microsystems Inc. in 1999 and was released as open source in 2001. JXTA continues to be actively developed and implementations are available for JXTA Java Standard Edition/Enterprise Edition (JXSE), JXTA Java Mobile Edition (JXME) and JXTA-C

Protocol dependencies

Example traffic

Available from the Sample Captures page.


The JXTA dissector is fully functional and enables dissection of JXTA messages transmitted on UDP, TCP and HTTP. Support for connections and endpoints is also available.

Preference settings

Example capture files

Display Filter

A complete list of PROTO display filter fields can be found in the display filter reference

Capture Filter

You cannot directly filter JXTA protocols while capturing. However, if you know the port used, you can filter on that one.


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