IP address

IP Address

The IP address, something like, is used to address an IP endpoint. The IP address is typically used to address a single network interface card (NIC). Every NIC used to communicate through IP, must have at least one IP address.

One machine can have a lot of IP addresses, as a machine can have more than one NIC, and a NIC can have more than one IP address (however, that's not widely used).

The IP address can be statically assigned to a NIC through system specific configuration, or dynamically assigned using DHCP or APIPA.

IP address classes

Special IP addresses

Private IP Addresses

The following IP addresses should be used for private networks:

Stupid Tricks Involving IP Addresses

Most operating systems let you specify an IP address as an integer as opposed to the traditional dotted-quad format. For instance, the following commands are equivalent:

 ping 0xc0a80501   # Hexadecimal
 ping 3232236801   # Decimal
 ping 030052002401 # Octal

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What about IPv6? See, for example, RFC 2373. - Guy Harris

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