HYTEC Geraetebau GmbH

HYTEC Geraetebau GmbH provides copper and fiber optic modems, switching and routing solutions in the field of mission critical industrial communication with a focus on the telecontrol and automation sector. Furthermore, HYTEC offers consulting, planning and training on networking as well as on telecontrol topics.

HYTEC Geraetebau GmbH was founded in December 1978 in Ettlingen. After its relocation in May 1986 to Hamburg HYTEC opened its actual headquarter in November 1997 in Mannheim. In December 2013 it became a member of the KEYMILE group.

As a member of the KEYMILE group HYTEC products are distributed by several major enterprises worldwide. Due to a close cooperation with customers and partners, network operator’s needs are incorporated in the design of the products.

Great expertise and long-term experience of our employees, customer feedback, and the close cooperation with our partner companies allow us to provide high performance technology in the form of innovative products and services.

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