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Extreme Discovery Protocol (EDP)

EDP is a vendor proprietary protocol from Extreme Networks. It is used to send information like system MAC, device name or VLAN information to neighboring Extreme devices. It is also used to transport "higher level" protocols like EAPS and ESRP.


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Protocol dependencies

Example capture file

SampleCaptures/edp.trace.gz General EDP traffic


SampleCaptures/edp.esrp.gz EDP/ESRP traffic




The EDP dissector is fully functional, but is lacking information on some fields / packet types as the vendors doesn't release this information.

Preference Settings


Display Filter

A complete list of EDP display filter fields can be found in the display filter reference

Capture Filter

You can filter EDP protocols while capturing.

That filter checks for packets where the Ethernet type/length field is <= 1500, meaning that it's a length field, and then checks the 802.2 LLC header for a DSAP of 0xaa and an SSAP of 0xaa, meaning a SNAP packet, and for a type field of 0x03, meaning a UI frame, and checks the following SNAP header for an OUI of 0x00e02b and a protocol ID of 0x00bb.


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