Windows Libraries

This article documents how to update library dependencies for Windows.

Packaging notes

C++ libraries (such as Qt) are highly dependent on the MSVC runtime (MSVCRT) version and require separate packages for each MSVC compiler version.

Many libraries (including GnuTLS, Gcrypt, libssh) are cross-compiled with MingW on Linux. Where possible, try to reuse packages from other trusted projects such as OpenSUSE or Debian.

At minimum a library package should contain header files, runtime libraries (.dll) and import libraries (.lib). Note that MingW packages typically have .dll.a files, just rename those to .lib.


Procedure for updating libraries

First time: make a local copy of the repositories:

svn checkout svn+ssh://
svn checkout svn+ssh://

Add a single package:

  1. Update existing copies: svn up

  2. Update README.txt in the top-level directory.
  3. svn add packages/<package>-<version>.zip

  4. svn commit -m "Update <package> to <version>"

Once you are ready to publish a tagged version of all packages. Tag name convention: yyyy-mm-dd for git master, yyyy-mm-dd-A.B for master-A.B. Example:

svn copy -m "Create a tag for <package> <version>" ^/trunk ^/tags/2018-08-03

Finally update tools/win-setup.ps1 in the appropriate git branches.

Other commands

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