Wireshark Optimizations

The following patches try to optimize Wireshark a little.

But how fast can Wireshark run?

A small test:

  • With all names resolution disable and colorization enable load a 'big' capture.
  • Disable colorization and reload, faster isn't it?
  • Remove all columns but the first and reload.
  • Last but not least disable all protocols and reload.

A faster Wireshark is easy: don't filter packets, don't display and don't decode them.

What's in the patches?

I assume that Wireshark dissectors output is idempotent so:

  • Colorize (apply colors filter) only once.

  • Compute columns info only once by using a modified Gtk2 ethclist for the packets list.

  • keep a per packet protocols list and when filtering only decode relevant packets/protocols ex:
    In a SMB capture:

    packet 1 Protocols in frame: eth:ip:tcp
    packet 2 Protocols in frame: eth:ip:tcp:nbss:smb

    The filter smb.file == "foo" will not decode packet 1 at all and in packet 2 eth, ip, tcp and nbss dissectors will be called with tree == NULL.

Speed improvements

On my computer with no names resolution enable for: wiki SMB netbench sample

  • load 10 times faster.

  • popup menu 'conversation filter -> TCP' 10 times faster (return all packets).

  • filter "smb.file == "\\clients\\client2" 15 times faster (return 3 packets).

  • filter arp return 0 packets in zero second.

  • filter **smb   udp** return 10086 packets in 50 ms.


Broken functionalities:

  • Capture if compiled for gtk2 with thread enable (but does it work with the svn version?).
  • Some stats because they always set a tap listener.
  • many others I don't know.


Recent version but only for uncompressed files and may work only on Linux: patch.29854.diff.gz

Older version:
Patch against svn (version in file name): patch.29079.diff.gz

Modified SAT solver cf. http://wiki.wireshark.org/Development/FastFiltering sat.29079.diff.gz

Imported from https://wiki.wireshark.org/Development/Optimization on 2020-08-11 23:12:55 UTC