The Wireshark Developers

This page is intended to give some information about who we (the Wireshark developers) are, what we're interested in, etc. Nothing formal here, just some informal bibliographies for those who are interested (but about only those developers who feel like publishing such information).

The Core developers

As with any software project, only some people are granted "commit" access. Wireshark contributors usually get invited to join the pool of Core developers if they have been involved with a project for some time and write "good code". "Good" is intentionally ambiguous, but generally it means that the existing core developers don't object to it (or find serious problems with it).

Here are most of the core contributors, grouped by how recently they've been active (where "recently" is intentionally undefined) and ordered by last name.


Recently active

Not so recently active

Other Contributors

Wireshark has had hundreds of contributors over the years. For a (mostly complete) list, see the Authors section of the About Wireshark page. If some want to list themselves here, they can...

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