Wiretap plugin

It is possible to write a wiretap plugin, ie a plugin that will enable wireshark to read a new file format. If you have modified the wiretap to add a new file format, and you want to compile that as a plugin, add the following part in your wiretap file:

#include "file_wrappers.h"

/* wtap stuff */

static int wf_myFileType = -1;

int encap_myFileType = -1;

/* Register with wtap */
void wtap_register_myFileType(void) {

        static struct file_type_info fi =
        { "My File Type", "myFileType", "*.myfiletype", NULL, TRUE, NULL,NULL };

        wtap_register_open_routine(myFileType_open,TRUE); // open routine in wiretap

        encap_myFileType = wtap_register_encap_type("My File Type","myFileType");
        wf_myFileType =  wtap_register_file_type(&fi);


Then in the dissector file, the dissector should register to the wiretap file handle

void proto_reg_handoff_myDissector(void)
    gboolean init = FALSE;

    if (init == FALSE)
      dissector_handle_t myDissector_handle;

      myDissector_handle = find_dissector("myDissector");

      dissector_add("wtap_encap", encap_myFileType, myDissector_handle);

      init = TRUE;

A change must also be makde to your plugin's Makefile.am to allow the registration routines to be included in plugin.c. The plugin type must be changed from "plugin" to "plugin_wtap" as shown in the following example.

plugin.c: $(DISSECTOR_SRC) $(top_srcdir)/tools/make-dissector-reg \
        @if test -n "$(PYTHON)"; then \
                echo Making plugin.c with python ; \
                $(PYTHON) $(top_srcdir)/tools/make-dissector-reg.py $(srcdir) \
                    plugin_wtap $(DISSECTOR_SRC) ; \
        else \
                echo Making plugin.c with shell script ; \
                $(top_srcdir)/tools/make-dissector-reg $(srcdir) \
                    $(plugin_src) plugin_wtap $(DISSECTOR_SRC) ; \

This change creates an additional stanza in plugin.c:

  {extern void wtap_register_myFileType (void); wtap_register_myFileType ();}

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