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Seems editing this page is not peeing in the pool, so I try to ask here because I did't find the right place to ask questions:

Is there a repository/collection/library of Lua scripts beyond Lua/Examples to learn from ? Specifically, it seems os.clock() has only timer tick resolution (15 ms on windows and 10 ms on linux), but I need sub-millisecond precision.

Background: I'm willing to write a Lua script to accumulate the timestamps of tens of thousands of sniffed packets and to account wall clock time to my client application once a packet is received on the client pc and to account wall clock time to the network or the other end of the socket (the server) once a packet is sent and do it vice versa on the server pc to get an exact measure of client, network and server times for a performance analysis, but don't know where to start from.

Perhaps someone can point me to the right place to search or to the right method to use ? Thanks, Juergen.