TCP 4-times close

TCP close diagram.png

1. Client send finish datagram to the server, indicated that client will close the transmission from client to server. This is called active close. (FIN=1, seq=u)

2. Server acknowledged the FIN datagram. (ACK=1, seq=v, ack=u+1)

3. Server contiues to transmit, if the server finishs the transmission it will close transmission from server to client. This is called passive close.(FIN=1, ACK=1, seq=w, ack=u+1)

4. Client acknowledged the FIN datagram to the server.[1] (ACK=1, seq=u+1, ack=w+1)

[1]. After the ACK send, the client will not release the resource immediately, it will turn into TIME-WAIT status and wait 2-MSL (Maximum Segment Lifetime) time to release resource.


TCP close.png

Capture Example

4 times close.pcap

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