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Replace use of deprecated GTK and GLib functions

Wireshark currently uses a number of GTK widget classes and GLib functions whose use has been deprecated.

This page is provides information as to work-in-progress to replace the use of these functions.

GtkItemFactory -> GtkUIManager


Note 1

A lot has already been done by Anders, which can be found under the compile switch MAIN_MENU_USE_UIMANAGER. The question now is how to integrate the more dynamic parts, like taps, statistics, etc.

GtkCombo -> GtkComboBoxEntry

GtkOptionMenu -> GtkComboBox

See Bug 4487 re dropdown widget behavior change seen when Windows Gtk was updated from Gtk 2.16 to Gtk 2.18.


Question: Should these changes be backported to the 1.2 branch ? - Bill Meier

I reverted/upgraded the Win32 and Win64 GTK+ bundles in the trunk and trunk-1.2 branches to 2.16.6, so backporting shouldn't be necessary. 2.16 is strongly recommended over 2.18, and the latest 2.16 packages should hopefully take care of the Secunia complaints which spurred the upgrade to 2.18. - Gerald Combs

GtkClist -> GtkTreeView