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[DIFF] 21:23 [INFO] JoseOliveira [1-2] #01 IEEE Std 802.1AB-2016 (Revision of IEEE Std 802.1AB-2009)
#02 New homepage of the lldpd project; add last release dates
[DIFF] 16:17 [INFO] Vasil Velichkov Sample capture for https://code.wiresha rk.org/review/#/c/26 929/
[DIFF] 01:58 [INFO] GeraldCombs Move 2.6.0 back a bit and set dates for 2.4.7 and 2.2.15.
[DIFF] 07:06 [INFO] Packtpartner
[DIFF] 22:31 [INFO] PeterWu glib2, Qt and GTK+ updates for Wireshark 3.0
[DIFF] 17:58 [INFO] ChristopherMaynard Add a word of warning about USBPcap ... just in case it still affects anyone.
[DIFF] 04:16 [INFO] ChristopherMaynard Update tcpreplay and tcprewrite URLs.
[DIFF] 20:40 [INFO] GeraldCombs Updates for 2.6.
[DIFF] 12:23 [INFO] PeterWu [1-5] #01 simplify RSA key files section
#02 remove example traffic (too old), remove start_tls (obsolete since 2.0)
#03 remove uninteresting text on adding new ciphers, update links
#04 major overhaul, modernize (SSL -> TLS), update links
#05 dumping keys in Python
[DIFF] 13:24 [INFO] moshekaplan
[DIFF] 18:03 [INFO] PaulOfford [1-2] #02 add delimiter TDB option


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