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[DIFF] 20:04 [INFO] GeraldCombs Schedule 2.2.7 and 2.0.13.
[DIFF] 22:52 [INFO] GuyHarris More details, including a link to D/I/X v2.0 and an indication that it's specified in chapter 8.
[DIFF] 20:40 [INFO] GuyHarris [1-5]
GeraldCombs [6]
#01 Better link for Windows Vista support being dropped by Microsoft.
#02 Remove leftover square brackets.
#03 Mediawiki, MoinMoin - hey, why don't you pick the same syntaxes for external links, people?
#04 Add information on 1.10 being the last Wireshark release that supported Windows XP.
#05 Add a comma to make a sentence read better.
#06 Update Windows lifecycle notes.
[DIFF] 11:52 [INFO] LarsVoelker [1-2] #02 Upload of attachment 'udp-nm_anon.pcap'.
[DIFF] 23:58 [INFO] GuyHarris Get rid of some out-of-date stuff; MATE is now a standard feature of Wireshark.
[DIFF] 15:42 [INFO] GeraldCombs Remove the migration notice.
[DIFF] 14:17 [INFO] BillMeier


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