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[DIFF] 93m ago [INFO] PeterWu Restructure Linux section, shrink some historical information of lesser importance
[DIFF] 21:16 [INFO] PeterWu added GnuTLS and libgcrypt for SLES 11+12 (https://www.suse.co m/LinuxPackages/pack ageRouter.jsp?produc t=server&version=11& service_pack=sp3&arc hitecture=x86_64&pac kage_name=index_all)
[DIFF] 14:34 [INFO] JeffMorriss Mark 1.10 as the last version that compiles on RHEL 5.
[DIFF] 21:10 [INFO] PeterWu [1-2] #01 Redirect to new page to avoid hunting
#02 gcrypt & gnutls
[DIFF] 21:08 [INFO] PeterWu [1-2] #01 Guy is faster than me
#02 fix dead link
[DIFF] 20:15 [INFO] GuyHarris [1-2] #01 And not Qt, as I said.
#02 That page now covers more than just GLib, GTK+, and Qt.
[DIFF] 17:18 [INFO] GuyHarris [1]
Tobias bo [2-3]
#01 Revert to revision 95. The past two edits removed almost all the information from it; put it back.
[DIFF] 14:12 [INFO] Tobias bo [1-2]
[DIFF] 11:36 [INFO] JaapKeuter Add Dual-comm product page link
[DIFF] 21:09 [INFO] JeffMorriss Add a Rationale section to explain why we maintain the stable branches and only make new stable branches periodically.
[DIFF] 18:45 [INFO] GeraldCombs Schedule the next round of releases.
[DIFF] 18:33 [INFO] GeraldCombs Mark items complete.
[DIFF] 18:23 [INFO] Ronald W. Henderson NST updated to v22-7248
[DIFF] 02:54 [INFO] EvanHuus Fix typo

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