Preferences/Name Resolution


Enable MAC name resolution:

Resolve the OUI portions of MAC addresses (the first three bytes) to names.

Enable network name resolution:

Resolve IP addresses to computer names.

See the Enable concurrent DNS name resolution entry below for more information.

Enable transport name resolution:

Convert port names to protocol names.

Enable concurrent DNS name resolution:

Enable the program to send multiple requests to a DNS server to resolve IP or network names. If this option is disabled, only one host name can be resolved at any given time.

There is a potential performance vs functionality tradeoff with this feature. Concurrent DNS resolution is usually much faster than normal resolution. However, non-DNS forms of host name resolution (such as WINS or NIS) will not be used if this option is enabled.

Maximum concurrent requests:

The maximum number of open requests that the program can have with the DNS server.

Add Arbitrary Labels to src / dst IPs in a trace:

If you don't have a brain the size of a planet and sometimes get a little confused when looking at loads of different traces in a day (“what was again?”) you might find this useful…


…and so on…

Makes life a lot easier!

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