Preferences User Interface Layout

Here you can change the layout of Wireshark's windows. Six predefined pane layouts are available or you can select the content of each pane yourself. The "Default panes" button will bring you back to the default values.

{i} Content cannot be duplicated, so you cannot put the Packet list into pane 1 and 2 at the same time!

Custom Window Title

The custom window title preference allows you to define your own text that is displayed in the window titles used for capturing. The text you enter is prepended to the existing window titles. This feature allows you to quickly and easily see which instance of Wireshark you're working with if you have multiple instances open on your desktop.

Preference settings in Wireshark may also be set via the command-line by using the -o option. Options passed on the command-line override any saved preferences. The window title preference is named gui.window_title. So, for example, if you wanted to use a dynamic window title determined at run-time from the command-line or a script, you would enter:

wireshark -o "gui.window_title:My Custom Title -"

The main window title would then be displayed as: My Custom Title - The Wireshark Network Analyzer

{i} The quotation marks surrounding the preference name and title are only necessary if your title includes spaces or other characters that the command-line interpreter treats specially.

A good way to use this feature is being able to distinguish between several running Wireshark instances. For example you might want to capture from your internal network on interface eth0 and your external network on interface eth1, by starting two Wireshark instances immediately capturing from the given interfaces:

wireshark -o "gui.window_title:Internal -" -i eth0 -k
wireshark -o "gui.window_title:External -" -i eth1 -k

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