These Preferences will take effect when you start Wireshark and will be used as default values e.g. for the Capture Options dialog. The settings can be changed in the Capture Options, which then will be used until Wireshark is closed.


Default Interface:

Dropdown box where you can select the default interface to start capture.


Opens the following dialog box

Capture packets in promiscuous mode:

Places interface into promiscuous mode to capture all packets on the wire. Mainly used on hub based networks.

Update list of packets in real time:

While a capture session is running, immediately updates the capture screen (packet list and alike).

Automatic scrolling in live capture:

If Update list of packets in real time is active, Wireshark automatically scroll down the packet list for you when new packets are captured.

Hide capture info dialog:

While a capture session is running, Wireshark can show a dialog box with the number of packets captured. This option hides that dialog box.

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