APCO Project 25 Common Air Interface (P25)

APCO Project 25 is the digital communications standard used by many police and emergency services throughout the world. Most notably the US, Canada and Australia deploy systems based on P25. Compared to existing analogue systems P25 offers improved spectrum use, coverage and flexibility. Provision is made to ensure the confidentiality of traffic, to allow the use of trunking and the provision of data in addition to voice services.


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Protocol dependencies

Example traffic

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Wireshark does not natively have a P25 dissector but one has been developed by others. The source code is available here; there is also a wik about it.

Preference Settings

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Example capture file

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Display Filter


Capture Filter

You cannot directly filter P25 protocols while capturing. However, if you know the UDP port used (see above), you can filter on that one.

Capture only the P25 traffic over the default port (23456):

 udp port 23456 

External links


The osmocom.org Wiki discusses hardware to natively capture P25 packets; perhaps getting a LINKTYPE_/DLT_ value, and adding a libpcap module to talk to that hardware, might be useful (it'd let you capture P25 traffic inside tcpdump, TShark, and Wireshark).

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