Network Filesystem Family

This page contains links to various protocol families used for network filesystems, i.e. NAS (Network Attached Storage) protocols.

NFS Family

The standard network filesystem for Unix. ONC-RPC is the RPC mechanism on top of which NFS is implemented.

Core NFS Protocols

  • NFS: Network_File_System: The standard network filesystem for Unix.

  • KLM: Kernel_Lock_Manager The protocol used on NFS servers and clients to communicate lock information between the NFS client in the kernel and the NLM user space lock manager daemon (local loopback only).

NFS version 2 and 3 Helper Protocols

NFS version 4 included these services.

Extra NFS Support Protocols

While these protocols are not required in order to run NFS they often are implemented and add additional functionality to NFS shares.

AFS Family

These protocols are used by the Andrew File System service that was a very sophisticated network filesystem for its time and still have many features much more advanced than anything NFS has ever been able to offer.

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CIFS (SMB) Family

The standard network filesystem for MS Windows. The Server Message Block protocol, now called the Common Internet File System (CIFS) protocol, is a set of protocols originally developed by Microsoft, IBM, and Intel for remote file access.

CIFS Prerequisites

  • MS-RAP: An older type of RPC mechanism used on older versions of Windows.

  • DCE/RPC: The RPC mechanism used in the SMB server in all NT-based versions of Windows and in the Windows SMB client since Windows NT (3.x or 4.0?) and Windows 95.

Core CIFS Protocols

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Additional protocols required for CIFS Active Directory

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