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I bought my first rig in 2004 and settled on Mr Accountable as a web name.

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Over 12,000 edits.

  • arp Address Resolution Protocol

  • bgp Border Gateway Protocol

  • bvlc BACnet Virtual Link Control

  • dns Domain Name Service

  • eth Ethernet

  • fddi Fiber Distributed Data Interface

  • giop General Inter-ORB Protocol

  • icmp Internet Control Message Protocol

  • ip Internet Protocol

  • llc Logical Link Control

  • megaco MEGACO

  • nbns NetBIOS-over-TCP Name Service

  • ncp2222 NetWare Core Protocol

  • sctp Stream Control Transmission Protocol

  • syslog Syslog message

  • tds TDS NetLib

  • tcp Transmission Control Protocol

  • tr Token-Ring

  • udp User Datagram Protocol


7/15 Installed and used Sharkwire.

  • "Chinese government" style packets, I can read some Chinese, perhaps these are seen as "Chinese government activities" because provincial governments operate ISPs. Duh.
  • KPO Activity
  • Expert info: No Warnings or errors
  • Sharkwire is great!


  • Some "Chinese government" type packets, seemingly unrelated to watching the footie on Chinese tv.

  • A long series of numerically ascending packets from Europe ie 91.xx.xx.xx, 92.xx.xx.xx, 93.xx.xx.xx, one every minute, creating very many Expert info –> Errors.


  • @ 0830 US Eastern Time logged onto an Asian sports programming provider, immediate plateau in non-video activity definitely related to just logging into the broadcast, including 6 Errors of Malformed packets, and 3 Warnings, from Expert info in @5 min of being logged in. I then logged off the internet tv.

* Many packets originating from Asia Pacific Network Information Centre in AU, whose purview includes Greater Oceania.

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