Media Server Control Markup Language (MSCML)

Media Server Control Markup Language (MSCML) is a markup language used in conjunction with SIP to provide advanced conferencing and interactive voice response (IVR) functions. MSCML presents an application-level control model, as opposed to device-level control models. One use of this protocol is for communications between a conference focus and mixer in the IETF SIP Conferencing Framework.


  • 15-Nov-2006 - First release in Wireshark

Protocol dependencies

  • SIP: Typically, MSCML uses SIP as its transport protocol.

Example traffic



The MSCML dissector is partially functional, for draft-07 version of MSCML. It needs to be updated for latest drafts and coming RFC.

Preference Settings

Not Applicable.

Example capture file

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See this message that points some limitations of the DTD implementation in Wireshark.

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