![lego.jpg](uploads/__moin_import__/attachments/LuisOntanon/lego.jpg "lego.jpg") </div> I'm a troubleshooter on GSM/UMTS networks working as a contractor for a major telecommunications manufacturer. I'm also a developer of Wireshark, usually "seen" as LEGO (which is a four letter acronym of my entire name: Luis Enrique Garcia Ontañón). In the past I've been an electrician, a pre-press specialist, a system administrator of a (very) small ISP, even an Operations "Manager" for a Mobile Operator. (Please note that I managed only machines... besides those I can barely manage myself wink ).
My e-mail is `<[email protected]>` . Please, do not contact me for issues regarding Wireshark development send your queries/suggestions to <[email protected]> instead.

I been a Wireshark contributor since 2003. As a Wireshark developer My principal contributions are:

  • SIGTRAN/UMTS/GSM enhancements, my "normal" job

    • H.248 package decoding

    • H.248 context tracking

    • SCCP connection tracking

    • ALCAP (Q.AAL2) filter enhancements, and call tracking

    • IuUP dissector

    • SCTP TSN tracking

    • added H.248, BSSAP and RANAP to the VoIP Calls tap

  • display filter flexibility, my personal obsession smiley

    • an XML dissector that uses DTDs to create filter fields for XML documents

    • RADIUS dictionary support to create field filters for filtering the values of AVPS

    • DIAMETER dictionary support, twice like above smiley

    • SNMP SMI based filtering, that create field filters from MIBs for filtering the values of SNMP variables and indexes

  • User Enhancement additions,

  • Other things

    • tektronix K12xx-K15 .rf5 and text file support

    • SNMPv3 decryption

    • editcap's -A and -B options to slice files from a time to another time

  • Things that only developers use

    • I followed RonnieSahlberg when he created emem by writing the ep_ and se_ helpers (ep_strdup, se_strdup_printf, ep_memdup, etc.)

    • UATs user editable tables for user preferences

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