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Known Bugs

The following is a list of known and confirmed bugs.

As people often consider intended behaviour to be a bug, please do not put anything on this list if you haven't already asked the developer mailing list about it. If you ask the developer list, they'll see it immediately, and:

If you don't ask the developer list, they won't see it until they look at this page, and they can't point out that it's not a bug if it isn't, and they can't discuss it as easily in order to come up with the correct fix if it is a bug.

Not a Bug

Things our users frequently notify as bugs, but which are intended behaviour.

  1. The horizontal scrollbar in the packet list pane wasn't completely removed. It does automatically appear if the content doesn't fit into the window. If you widen your columns to be larger than the pane, a scrollbar will appear.
  2. Plugins are not portable between versions. Ever wondered why Ethereal keeps its plugins in a directory named after its version? That is because the plugin interface is considered an internal interface to Ethereal. Therefore it is not stable (as API and ABI) and can change with every version. So when moving from one version to the next you get a fresh install of plugins for this version. When using a 3rd party plugin, request a fresh build from the supplier.
  3. The Ethereal Windows version (as well as some other windows software) won't work well with desktop theme software, e.g. making the windows desktop look like Mac OS X. Known problems are with Alienware's Windows theme (AlienMorph(TM)?) not showing the packet list well.

Running Out Of Memory -> Terminate

Sniffer Time Stamps

  1. Time stamps in capture files from the Windows version of Sniffer are not always interpreted correctly. 0.10.9 should do a much better job of this, but it won't necessarily do a perfect job. If you have a problem with time stamps in Sniffer files in a release prior to 0.10.9, try it with 0.10.9. If you have a problem in 0.10.9, please give us a copy of a capture file with the problem, and a listing of what the time stamps on the packets should be, if possible.



When copying large amount of information into the clipboard using the Copy button on "Conversations", Ethereal just exits without copying anything.