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When copying large amount of information into the clipboard using the Copy button on "Conversations", Ethereal just exits without copying anything.

Known Bugs

The following is a list of known and confirmed bugs.

As people often consider intended behaviour to be a bug, please do not put anything on this list if you haven't already asked the developer mailing list about it. If you ask the developer list, they'll see it immediately, and:

  • if it's a bug, they might be able to fix it soon;
  • if it's not a bug, they can indicate so and say why it's not a bug.

If you don't ask the developer list, they won't see it until they look at this page, and they can't point out that it's not a bug if it isn't, and they can't discuss it as easily in order to come up with the correct fix if it is a bug.

Not a Bug

Things our users frequently notify as bugs, but which are intended behaviour.

  1. The horizontal scrollbar in the packet list pane wasn't completely removed. It does automatically appear if the content doesn't fit into the window. If you widen your columns to be larger than the pane, a scrollbar will appear.

General/Unsorted bugs

  • Ethereal will terminate if it runs out of memory (due to glib's g_malloc/g_free implementation). Currently no solution to this; note that many of the GLib facilities that Ethereal uses, such as G!HashTables, use g_malloc, so even if Ethereal were to use a different memory allocator, that wouldn't help if it continued to use those facilities.

Capture file reading

  1. Time stamps in capture files from the Windows version of Sniffer are not always interpreted correctly. 0.10.9 should do a much better job of this, but it won't necessarily do a perfect job. If you have a problem with time stamps in Sniffer files in a release prior to 0.10.9, try it with 0.10.9. If you have a problem in 0.10.9, please give us a copy of a capture file with the problem, and a listing of what the time stamps on the packets should be, if possible.


  • 0.10.7: Win32: Occasional GTK/GLib warnings, popping up a console window (e.g. if you put a Notebook in Standby). The GLib 2.4.7 seems to fix this problem, as the release notes state to not pop up a console window for GLib warnings. However, this is somewhat bogus, as the warnings should be fixed, instead of simply not showing them. The new lib is included since Ethereal 0.10.7.
  • 0.10.7: Win32: ADNS warnings, if no DNS server is available. The release notes of ADNS release (at state to fix this bug. The new lib is included since Ethereal 0.10.7.

  • 0.10.9: Win32: Crashes on Windows 95/98/Me. This should now be fixed in 0.10.9.
  • 0.10.9: The dissector for the DNP-3 protocol used in control systems often crashed. - Dan McDonald ( This is fixed in 0.10.9.

  • 0.10.10: Restore correct behavior of Save feature for followed TCP streams. This functionality has been broken since v10.5 when streams started being saved as ASCII only, preventing recovery of binary data from TCP streams (FTP data streams for example). - Chris Eagle That's been fixed by adding a new radio button "Raw" - Ulf Lamping


When copying large amount of information into the clipboard using the Copy button on "Conversations", Ethereal just exits without copying anything.

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