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Greg Morris

Location: Currently located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Previously worked from Provo, Utah.

Activities: Started developing for Ethereal in late 2000. Expanded Gilbert Ramirez's initial dissector for Novell's NetWare Core Protocol (NCP). The dissector was expanded to include a majority of publicly documented NCP functions. After many years and much learning I was granted core team membership in early 2006 (At the same time that Gerald moved companies ;-) ).

My primary focus is on the Novell related protocols and current dissectors including.

Extensions to the NCP dissector add additional Novell protocols:

  • Novell Directory Services - NDS (NCP Functions 104,x)
  • Novell Modular Authentication Services - NMAS (NCP Functions 94,x)
  • Novell Secret Store Services - SSS (NCP Functions 92,x)

Advanced feature set of the NCP dissector:

  • Packet Signature
  • NDS Fragment Reply Packet Reassembly
  • NDS Entry ID to Name Lookups

Expert options added to track specific conditions: (Enable/disable in NCP protocol preferences)

  • Error/Return Codes
  • True NCP conversation tracking by task ID
  • NDS Entry ID to Name table
  • Server Information
  • File open/close/lock activity

The following is a listing of other Novell specific dissector work:

  • Novell Distributed Print Services - NDPS
  • Novell Cluster Services - NCS

In addition to the work done on Novell specific dissectors a number of other dissectors have been modified to handle Novell specific conditions... This work includes

  • Etc

Finally, my work has not been limited to just dissection of protocol data. I have also submitted a number of GUI enhancements.

  • Composite Expert Information
  • Find by (hex or string)
  • Copy to system paste buffer

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