Greg Morris

Location: Currently located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Previously worked from Provo, Utah.

Activities: Started developing for Ethereal in late 2000. Expanded Gilbert Ramirez's initial dissector for Novell's NetWare Core Protocol (NCP). The dissector was expanded to include a majority of publicly documented NCP functions. After many years and much learning I was granted core team membership in early 2006 (At the same time that Gerald moved companies wink ).

My primary focus is on the Novell related protocols and current dissectors including.

Extensions to the NCP dissector add additional Novell protocols:

  • Novell Directory Services - NDS (NCP Functions 104,x)
  • Novell Modular Authentication Services - NMAS (NCP Functions 94,x)
  • Novell Secret Store Services - SSS (NCP Functions 92,x)

Advanced feature set of the NCP dissector:

  • Packet Signature
  • NDS Fragment Reply Packet Reassembly
  • NDS Entry ID to Name Lookups

Expert options added to track specific conditions: (Enable/disable in NCP protocol preferences)

  • Error/Return Codes
  • True NCP conversation tracking by task ID
  • NDS Entry ID to Name table
  • Server Information
  • File open/close/lock activity

The following is a listing of other Novell specific dissector work:

  • Novell Distributed Print Services - NDPS
  • Novell Cluster Services - NCS

In addition to the work done on Novell specific dissectors a number of other dissectors have been modified to handle Novell specific conditions… This work includes

  • Etc

Finally, my work has not been limited to just dissection of protocol data. I have also submitted a number of GUI enhancements.

  • Composite Expert Information
  • Find by (hex or string)
  • Copy to system paste buffer

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