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attachment:Color_Filters.jpg {{attachment:Color_Filters.jpg}}
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'''File:''' attachment:Another_color_filter
'''File:''' [[attachment:Another_color_filter]]
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This is a General use Color Filter. I use it to distinguish some of the most used protocols on my network and my customers networks.


File: Another_color_filter
Description: A general use color filter used to distiguish some of the most used protocols on many networks.
Contributor: John Prudente

Is there a reason not to use tcp.port == 23 instead of tcp.dstport == 23 or tcp.srcport == 23 ? - Ulf Lamping

None that I can think of - tcp.port == XXX should be equivalent to (tcp.dstport == XXX or tcp.srcport == XXX), and the same should be true of udp.{port,srcport,dstport}. -Guy Harris

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